About Us

Reynolds Cleaning Services, founded in 1990 by Owner and President Jim Reynolds, is a full-service, union-affiliated janitorial firm servicing the greater Bay Area. After graduating from University of Missouri, Jim left his family home in Saint Louis and moved to California. Jim worked for multiple Janitorial firms and partnered in several companies before starting Reynolds Cleaning Services. Jim runs the company joined by his wife Carol and his team of seasoned managers. The dedication and long-term commitment of the management team represents the principles of Reynolds Cleaning Services. Reynolds Cleaning Services is the preferred provider of janitorial services by some of the most prestigious companies in the Bay Area.

Our clients are leading edge companies in the Silicon Valley and we take a great interest in emerging trends to keep current with the workstyle of our clients. Trends that include open space work areas for team collaboration; long communal desks to support social and small-group work interactions; uni-sex restrooms; bike racks and play rooms, full cafeterias, and outdoor eating and recreation spaces. This allows us to provide the best service plans and staff for each unique company.