Reynolds Cleaning Services GREEN Practices

The goal of our Green Cleaning Policy is to reduce the exposure of building occupants and maintenance personnel to potentially hazardous chemical, biological and particle contaminants which adversely impact air quality, health, building finishes, building systems, and the environment.


Reynolds Cleaning Services works with the latest products to ensure green cleaning. Our plan addresses environmental best practices for cleaning the interior of your facility. Specifically, by purchasing sustainable cleaning supplies for hard-floor and carpet and procuring sustainable cleaning equipment. We have implemented standard operating procedures for effective cleaning and  follow protocol for handling cleaning products. We maintain extensive staff and employee training requirements and collect and address occupant feedback.

Practices to optimize use of sustainable cleaning equipment

All new equipment acquisitions shall comply with requirements of IEQc3.4: Green Cleaning Sustainable Cleaning Equipment.

Practices to optimize use of sustainable cleaning products

Cleaning products and materials, including hard-floor and carpet products used at your facility shall, when possible, meet the requirements of IEQc3.3: Green Cleaning, Purchase of Sustainable Cleaning Products and Materials.

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